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The ARC No. Filled in the Individual Income Tax Return Shall be the Same as the One Kept by Bank or Post Office to Ensure Successful Tax Payment by Credit Card or Refund Transfer.

The 2021 alien individual income tax filing will start in May this year and the filing period will be from May 1, 2022 to May 31, 2022.   Please be informed that the ARC No. filled in the individual income tax return shall be the same as the one kept by bank/post office, otherwise tax payment by credit card or tax refund through money transfer will fail.

The Shalu Office explained that to alleviate the transition hassle following the change of ARC No. conducted by the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior from Jan. 2, 2021, foreign taxpayers shall update their bank/post office record with the new ARC No. before filing their individual income tax.   

The Shalu Office further explained that during the filing period, foreign taxpayers can download the E-filing program and file their individual income taxes online by logging on the website as follows: https://tax.nat.gov.tw.  To ensure your tax payment by credit card is completed, please input the same ARC No. as the one kept by your bank while filing online.  Furthermore, taxpayers having their refund by money transfer shall fill in the same ARC No.  as the one kept by their banks to ensure a successful money transfer.  

The Tax Office reminded that to protect your own interests and to facilitate your 2021 tax-filing, foreign taxpayers whose ARC No. are already changed to a new one shall update their bank records after renewing their ARC No.

If taxpayers have any questions, please make a free call at 0800-000321.  We are pleased to be at your service.


Press released by Ms. Chia-lin Hung ,Individual Income Tax Section of Shalu Office.                  
Contact phone number:04-26651351ext208.

Last updated:2022-03-24