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No. Title
1 Applying for Reduction of Commodity Tax Online Is Fast and Convenient
2 Royalties received by foreign profit-seeking enterprises shall not be eligible for Paragraph 1, Article 25 of the Income Tax Act.
3 Announcement of applying for individual income tax certificate for alien taxpayers 
4 Corporations Filing Research & Development Expenditures as Tax Credits Shall Comply with the Relevant Regulations
5 ‘’The Taxpayer Rights Protection Act’’ ensures taxpayers’ taxation human rights
6 An alien resident eligible to use the concise and individual tax-filing form must file it before departure.
7 Have you noticed the influence of the basic living expense on the amount of tax?
8 The ARC No. used in the Individual Income Tax Return should be the same as the one kept by a bank or the Post Office to ensure tax payment by credit card and savings account or refund transfer successfully.
9 “How can aliens pay their taxes? ” Taxpayer Eddie asks.
10 For cases reported by an informer, the tax authority shall grant a whistleblower a reward. However, the reward may not be granted in some certain circumstances. 
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