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About US

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The Ministry of Finance withdrew the right of national taxes' collection from the local tax offices of Taiwan Provincial Government and set up the MOF's National Tax Administration of Northern, Central and Southern Taiwan Province in July 1992.

National Taxation Bureau of the Central Area, Ministry of Finance was set up on July 1, 1992 and started the operations on September 1, 1992. Our responsibility is to collect the national taxes of Profit-Seeking Enterprise Income Tax, Individual Income Tax, Estate Tax, Gift Tax, Commodity Tax, Futures Transactions Tax, Securities Transactions Tax, Business Tax, Specifically Selected Goods and Services Tax and Tobacco & Alcohol Tax in five different counties and cities of central Taiwan.

In this modern democratic society, government's mission is to provide various services to citizens; the scope and content of services widen along with the progress of society. The government needs considerable economic resources to proceed with administration, construction of society, welfares, and medical facilities, etc. By principle of users pay, the expenses have to be shared by citizens. Taxation is the foundation of administration. Among the national economic resources, taxes are the major source, it is fairer and more stable of taking the taxes as finance for administration, moreover with application of tax policy, the goals of allocating fairly the social wealth and facilitating the resource used effectively can all be reached.

It is our goal to achieve the tax administrations with the fair and transparent procedures and to promote the administrative efficiency with electronic automation operations. We provide various accesses for people, enhance the promotion for taxation, and make resolutions to serve taxpayers. In the other hand, we inspire the morality and ethics of our staff, encourage the appropriate entertainments, motivate moral and develop the good image.

Time is changing; tax administrations have to be changed along with the trend. In order to enhance the public's understanding for our business and improve the mutual communications, we prepare this brief introduction describing our history, service regions, organization, functions and obligations, manpower, the statistics of collection for every single national tax, major business overview and vision to be more accessible for the public. Your opinions are highly appreciated and helpful for our innovation and progress.

Last updated:2019-10-10