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Service Regions

service region of National Taxation Bureau of the Central Area, Ministry of Finance

Branch/Office Service Regions
Miaoli Branch Miaoli City, Touwu Township, Tongluo Township, Sihu Township, Sanyi Township, Tungshiao Township, Yuanli Township, Dahu Township, Zhuolan Township, Taian Township, Shihtan Township, Gungguang Township, Houlong Township
Fengyuan Branch Fengyuan District, Tanzih District, Shengang District, Daya District, Houli District
Taichung Branch Xitun and Nantun Districts, Taichung City
Nantou Branch Nantou City, Jhongliao Township, Tsaotun Township, Mingjian Township, Jiji Township, Suili Township, Shinyi Township
Changhua Branch Changhua City, Lugang Township, Hemei Township, Shengang Township, Hsienhsi Township, Fushing Township, Hsiushui Township, Huatang Township, Fenyuan Township
Yunlin Branch Douliu City, Hsilo Township, Dounan Township, Gukeng Township, Dapi Township, Tsutung Township, Linnei Township
Jhunan Office Jhunan Township, Toufen Township, Nanjhuang Township, Sanwan Township, Zauciao Township
Shalu Office Shalu District, Dajia District, Wuchi District, Chingsui District, Longjing District, Waipu District, Daan District, Dadu District
Dongshih Office Dongshih District, Shinshou District, Shihgang District, Heping District
Dongshan Office Beitun District, Taichung City
Mincyuan Office Central, West and North Districts, Taichung City
Dajyh Office East and South Districts, Taichung City
Datun Office Dali District, Taiping District, Wufeng District, Wurih District
Puli Office Puli Township, Guoshing Township, Yuchih Township, Renai Township
Jhushan Office Jhushan Township, Lugu Township
Yuanlin Office Yuanlin City, Tianjung Township, Sihu Township, Setou Township, Erhshui Township, Yungjing Township, Pushin Township, Puyan Township, Datsun Township
Beidou Office Beidou Township, Erhlin Township, Hsichou Township, Jhutang Township, Tianwei Township, Pitou Township, Dacheng Township, Fangyuan Township
Huwei Office Huwei Township, Mailiao Township, Tuku Township, Baojhung Township, Erhlun Township, Dongshih Township, Lunbei Township, Taisi Township
Beigang Office Beigang Township, Yuanchang Township, Sihu Township, Kouhu Township, Shuilin Township


Last updated:2021-10-12